Next 17th and 18th of October, Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) will host the conference METROSolutions : Looking at innovation for the metropolises of tomorrow. This international event will investigate the technological and governance factors supporting innovation and policy transformation in the urban environment and the metropolis of the world (SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities), presenting and discussing possible solutions to current threats and challenges these communities are facing.

Within this framework, MedCities proposes to discuss policymaking innovation and city learning focusing on one strategic sector for sustainable urban strategies: low-carbon mobility.  What are the key enabling factors and main obstacles for local and metropolitan authorities to learn and integrate expertise in the city’s daily management?

The first part of the seminar will address “Methodological tools for policy transfer” and will count on the participation of representatives from AMB, and public and private stakeholders. A second part will look into “Knowledge transferring initiatives” and will drag lessons learnt from the mentoring of the Urban Transport and the Interreg MED Programme, with representatives from different city councils, thematic experts, networks, and other Interreg MED partners.

You can find the full agenda and register for the METROSolutions conference for free using this link.

A week later, the Urban Transports Community’s final conference will be organised the 25th and 26th October in Athens (and online). Discover the agenda of this international event that will capitalise the project’s main results through thematic discussions about active mobility, e-mobility, sustainable mobility planning in tourist areas, and the resilience of the urban transport sector to the climate change effects. The conference will gather city representatives from across the MED Area, national and European institutions, other INTERREG MED stakeholders, the private sector, and academia.

Join us in Athens for unique networking, training, policy leveraging, and community-building about sustainable mobility in the Mediterranean Area.

Join the Urban Transport Community’s last events in Cornellà de Llobregat (METROSolutions) and in Athens for the final conference. You can now register for both!

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