“How to make Ehden an open city all year long” was the title of the strategic development plan for the area of Zgharta- Ehden,” which was launched on the 26th of August 2015, during a very well planned dinner held in the outer courtyard of the Church of St. George, gathering 700 persons including political, religious, military and public figures

After the national anthem and a bouquet of Lebanese heritage songs, a film entitled “Ehden: between the memory and today,” carrying within more than one message telling the story of Ehden’s past, present, and explaining the needs of this beautiful city.  Also including an incentive for the participants in the ceremony interested in Ehden “to become the typical of towns in Lebanon.”

The Mayor of Zgharta- Ehden Mr. Shahwan Ghazal Mouawad, welcomed the attendees, stressing that “what we aim for, is to make Ehden a typical mountain town to live an authentic and sustainable tourism for all seasons and not only a summer destination as it is now”.  The Mayor then presented the visualization and main concerns of the strategic plan with some predictable costs.

How can this ambition be achieved? asked Moawad:  by determining the objectives of the program through an integrated and sustainable Master Plan, and the municipality has previously worked in recent years to develop this program in coordination with some French municipalities. The plan is to transform Ehden into a destination for visitors throughout the year, and what he aims for is to make Ehden Mountain, an authentic town typical for living and sustainable tourism for all seasons through:

  • Religious destination for eco-tourism.
  • Room domestic tourism for families and their children.
  • Center of medical treatments and rehabilitation
  • Titles for entertainment, art and culture and crafts.
  • Center to attract young people with different hobbies
  • A center for conferences and other possible activities.

Finally, a number of Lebanese citizens were honored during this occasion for their individual support towards their beloved city, followed by a musical concert which enchanted the invitees.