In the 21st century, cities must adapt strategic planning to a continuously changing economic and social context.

AERYC (África-América-Europa Regiones y Ciudades) a network of cities and regions created to enhance international co-operation between Latin America and Europe, has launched a new documents collection to disseminate knowledge and expertise about governance and strategic Planning.

The first number is written by Josep Maria Pascual, USUDS Expert and International Consultant of the UDS of Sousse, and it deals with how strategic planning can be adapted to the big changes that society and governance are facing in the current context.  

Starting from the thesis that urban strategies successfully developed in situations of public finances crisis, great changes or institutional breaking are those that show up more effectively the utility of making and managing urban strategies and, therefore, allow us to identify their probable results, as well as the best methodological approach to achieve them; and, in doing so, provide key factors for the renewal and generation of a bigger social impact when managing urban strategies.

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