The objective of the session was to discuss the Strategic Objectives, and the projects for achieving the vision of Larnaca.

The Municipality of Larnaca, and the Larnaca Local Team of external experts attended the meetings with the International Expert, which took place at Larnaca Municipality on 21st and 22nd of May 2014.

During the first session, Mr. Acebillo elaborated on a matrix for a New Vision of Larnaca through five territorial sub-systems – such as the restructuring of the waterfront, a new mobility matrix, domestic public space, a new industrial corridor, and protected natural areas. He presented his proposals both diagrammatically, and in spatial context using a map of Larnaca.

The Municipality of Larnaca team and the Larnaca Local Team of external experts considered very seriously Mr. Acebillo’s proposal, and then presented the work, which was assimilated since the last meeting in February – a total of 39 strategic actions of the four strategic goals, and 184 projects pertaining to the strategic actions.  The discussion, which followed connoted that both proposals had common goals, thus all participants agreed to unify them. The session ended and continued the following day with a virtual tour of Larnaca using Municipality software.  Challenges within the city were depicted and suggestions for improvement were presented by all participants.