In the frame of a project funded by the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation (ACCD), MedCities supported the region of Sousse (including MedCities members Sousse and M’Saken) in a participatory diagnosis of social and solidary economy – ESS, from the initials in French – initiatives and the elaboration of an action plan for its promotion.

Begun in June 2018, this technical assistance was concluded in December 2018 with the presentation of the completed diagnosis to the stakeholders implicated in the development of initiatives related to the social and solidary economy. The meeting, led by Member of Parliament Mrs. Monia Brahim, also focused on the presentation of next steps that will be undertaken by the region related to ESS. These next steps will be oriented towards building the capacity of public stakeholders, supporting the development of new ESS initiatives, communicating the concept of ESS (as it will be defined in an upcoming law) and promoting the exchange of experiences and knowledge with other Mediterranean areas.

These activities are supported by the ACCD and are the continuation of the diagnostic phase of the project that was initiated through MedCities. 

More information on the report can be found in the document below.