Last 10th and 11th April, the second KTC Málaga Seminar took place in Sousse. The meeting, which brought together experts of the USUDS project and cities from MedCities network, focused on the discussion on methodologies, strategies and best practices in Urban Strategic Planning.

At the beginning of the seminar, there was the opportunity to know the different situations and processes of the three cities of USUDS project that are running their City Development Strategy. Larnaka shared its concerns about the participation process with civil society, Saida exposed the political and security problems that affects directly to the phases of their CDS, and finally Sousse exposed the challenges of developing a CDS in a context of democratic transition.

After summarize the state of the 3 CDS, was the turn of Mr. Josep Maria Pascual and Mr. Claudio Calvaresi. Both experts of the USUDS project, gave some theoretical notes on Strategic Diagnosis Phases and Participation Phase that gave place to the workshops sessions, where participants discussed about limitations and innovations on these phases of a CDS.

The same method was used to get deep into the monitoring of strategic plans, and to discuss on how to improve project management. For these workshops, Mr. Antonio Martin Mesa prepared a session on Impulse, Monitoring and Evaluation of strategic plans and Mr. Pedro Marín Cots talked about Project Management and tools for urban transformation.

At the end of the seminar, the experts analyzed the different inputs and proposals that were discussed on the thematic workshops with participants from different cities, and closed with conclusions on how to improve the different phases of a CDS.

Finally, Mr Joan Parpal, General Secretary of MedCities and Mrs. Mª del Carmen García Peña, closed the seminar with some reflections on how to continue improving strategic planning in the Mediterranean region.  

Here you can consult the conclusions of the workshops held during the Seminar. (document in french and english)