MedCities leads this component and has been in charge of developing the Capitalisation Plan. 

A hybrid meeting, physically hosted by the International Marine Centre Foundation in Sardina, brought together on the 20th and 21st of July representatives of the 13 members of the partnership.

The objective was to, on the one hand, share the experience of implementing Bluefasma Living Labs (BLLs) in 11 Mediterranean territories and, on the other, close that phase on the project and agree on the work plan for the capitalisation of results until June 2022.

Bluefasma Living Labs are one of the main knowledge transferring tools of the BLUEFasma project which aims at increasing the innovation capacity of various actors of the fishing and aquaculture sector in the Mediterranean Area.

MedCities presented the results of this innovation process implemented hand by hand with the Agency for Economic Development of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona addressing the local fish distribution sector, both wholesale and retail. MedCities has accompanied at least 4 SMEs to implement tailor made solutions related to green energy, food waste and, especially shifting to sustainable packaging in support to the Union of Fish Retailers of Catalunya (report in Catalan language). These activities are especially relevant in the year that Barcelona has been nominated as World Sustainable Food Capital.

As leaders of the project capitalisation process, MedCities presented the capitalisation plan and consolidating the agreement on the next steps, with the launching of the  Transnational Working Groups that will engage project partners and experts to fine tune lessons learnt and recommendations and canalised them to key targets through a wide set of capitalisation activities. The working groups will start meeting regularly from September onwards.

BLUEfasma is one of the modular projects of Interreg Med, which belongs to the Blue Growth community. It is led by University of Patras with the participation of 12 more mediterranean partners. Among those, MedCities is the partner in charge of the capitalisation of the project, and AMB is an associated partner

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