The Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) one of the founder members of MedCities, has approved the new agreement with MedCities to continue with all projects that our Mediterranean network will start and follow during this year 2020.


In a changing period due to the COVID-19 situation that has obliged some institutions to reconduc to new objectives the Barcelona Metropolitan Area has granted MedCities 290.000 € funds for 2020 (increasing the 265.000 € from 2019).

The main objectives of this compliance are based on the promotion and cooperation between both entities to carry out different projects as technical assistances, the promotion of training and transferring sessions within the cities of the network. Also, the agreement will stimulate and drive other projects and activities of interest to the AMB as well as the organisation of the MedCities General Assembly, among others. These are some of the main actions:

  • To promote pilot cooperation projects and technical assistance in the cities of the MedCities network in areas such as strategic urban planning, waste management, local economic development, mobility, etc. The Knowledge Transfer Centers (KTC) – MedCities territorial branches in Lebanon and Tunisia will also be strengthened, which will be able to collaborate with the International and Cooperation Area of the AMB and the metropolitan councils for the identification and implementation of projects, including the new ASIMA TUNIS project that strengthens the territorial planning of the city of Tunis in its metropolitan dimension, and training projects in waste management plans in Jordan.

  • To promote training and exchange activities between the member cities of the network, in particular promoting the platform on urban and metropolitan management in the Mediterranean ( as a training tool for learning, which responds to the needs of the technicians and political representatives of the member cities. During 2020, there will be a public presentation of Medurbantools at the AMB.

  • To Organize the General Assembly of MedCities 2020 together with an international seminar on Mediterranean cities and metropolises in the last quarter of 2020.

  • To promote other projects and activities of interest to the AMB, which include representation expenses, logistics, external services, preparation of new projects, among others that may arise. Highlights include IUCN Congress 2020 in Marseille, 9th European Conference on Sustainable Cities and Towns (ICLEI) in Mannheim, the UfM Ministerial Conference on Blue Economy or participation in the Structured Dialogue of the European Commission, and other international bodies, ephemeris Barcelona + 25), etc. . This section also includes the elaboration of the MedCities Strategic Plan with a vision for 2030 for the period 2021-23.

We want to thank again the crucial role that AMB plays in our association and its growing commitment to the work we display.


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