Last 13th – 15th September a delegation from Al Fayhaa Urban Community and UNDP Lebanon visited Barcelona, as part of a project to promote an Integrated Waste Management Plan in Al Fayhaa area, in the frame of the Lebanon Host Communities Support Project (LHSP). 

The project, Promotion of an Integrated Waste Management Plan in Al Fayhaa area, aims to support Al Fayhaa in the definition of the Waste Management Plan of the Urban Community as well as in the implementation of 4 pilot projects for the promotion of selective collection. The delegation visited several waste treatment infrastructures both in metropolitan area of Barcelona and outside, including MBT waste treatment plants, composting plants, the waste to energy incinerator plant etc… Furthermore, different waste collection systems were presented and analysed, including door to door selective collection, collection of commercial waste and the system of collection of non-domestic waste through the green points in Barcelona. 

The delegation included the mayors of Tripoli and El Mina, the expert on waste that is involved in the project and staff from the Al Fayhaa Urban Community, the UNDP in North Lebanon and the MedCities KTC. The field visits were organised by a compendium of Catalan cooperation institutions, which are funding the intervention in Al Fayhaa, including the Catalan Agency of the Development Cooperation, the Municipality of Barcelona, the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona and the Provincial Council of Barcelona. 

MedCities is providing external support in this decentralised cooperation project and the Catalan Agency of Waste also collaborates with technical expertise.

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