The month of October marked the achievement of two important milestones of the project: the finalisation and approval of the Strategic Framework of Tunis 2050 after a long process of consultations and reviews and the validation of the pilot project aiming to improve waste management through enhanced intermunicipal cooperation.

 On October 4th 2022, the strategic committee of the Tunis 2050 Development Strategy, met to review, discuss and validate the results of the strategic framework phase, launched last January. The document presented was the result of a multistakeholder and citizen participation process, with the participation of 170 local stakeholders, from the public and private sector and civil society, who were invited to the 9 workshops held from March to June 2022; as well as the active implication of 10.500 citizens involved in a street and online campaign. The official presentation of the Tunis 2050 Development Strategy Framework will take place on December 7th in the 3rd public conference of the project.

Also in October, the waste management component of the project advanced toward to launch of the pilot project. In a meeting held on October 27th, seven municipalities from the Greater Tunis area, including the Municipality of Tunis, Ben Arous, Radès, Sidi Hassine, Meghrine and El Mourouj, agreed to join forces and cooperate in order to improve waste management in its southern part.

A multipurpose Eco-Centre will be created by the project, with four different functions and modular implementation. The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, the technical partner of the project provided technical expertise in the identification process and is currently working on several feasibility and technical studies to be launched in the upcoming months. Building such a joint project requires improved technical capacities. For that reason, a two-day training, the first part of a comprehensive training programme took place in 25th and 26th October, with the guidance of a trainer from El Prat Municipality, expert in waste collection. 37 participants from 24 different municipalities of the Greater Tunis and 4 representatives of ministries profited from the training which included both a theoretical and a practical part. 

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