The BLUEfasma project ends with the publication of the policy recommendations to facilitate the integration and implementation of Circular Economy principles in Mediterranean fisheries and aquaculture

During the last 3 years, the BLUEfasma partnership strived for a more circular economy in fisheries and aquaculture by

  • bringing together key stakeholders from 9 countries, sharing challenges and co-creating opportunities
  • developing tools to support the Circular Economy transition
  • drafting proposals to foster circular practices & bring policy change towards Circular Economy

MedCities, as the leader of the Capitalisation work package, was responsible for the development of the policy recommendations aiming at facilitating the integration and implementation of Circular Economy principles in Mediterranean fisheries and aquaculture, as well as funds allocation for business investment in R&I in these sectors. The policy recommendations address specific needs linked to key identified issues.

The project also developed the BLUEfasma White Paper (to be published soon), which identifies existing barriers to the development of a Circular Economy in fisheries and aquaculture in the Mediterranean area, and proposes solutions to overcome them. The White Paper explores the relationship between the principles of Circular Economy, Blue Economy, and Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, through the analysis of relevant sources and dialogue between several players.

Capitalisation events

MedCities presented the policy recommendations at the project’s major events to spread the word about the benefits of Circular Economy:

  •  10-11 May 2022, Barcelona, Spain. Together with the SwitchMed programme and the Interreg MED Blue Growth Community, BLUEfasma co-organized the event “Fostering Circular Blue Economy in the Mediterranean” which was the occasion to launch a report on the integration of Circular Economy in the Blue Economy sectors in the Mediterranean.
  • 27-28 June 2022, Cairo, Egypt. The Conference “Shaping a Circular Blue Economy in the Mediterranean” organized by BLUEfasma, acted as a bridge between the two shores of the Mediterranean towards a common goal: a circular blue economy with special focus on fisheries and aquaculture sectors.

Previously, on April 4, MedCities organised a BLUEfasma capitalisation event in Barcelona gathering around 80 industry agents (read more here).

For more information about the project results, please consult the BLUEfasma final booklet, summarising the tools developed, the results of BLUEfasma Living Labs, the project’s policy recommendations and white paper, and the final project’s video.

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