As the Interreg Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community (MBPC) project reaches its final phase, efforts are placed in compiling, structuring, and conveying our message to European and Mediterranean key stakeholders as to the urgent need to preserve and restore the ecosystem and reduce pressures on them as the only way forward within the climate crisis.

In this context, MedCities has contributed to the MBPC advocacy paper “The urgent need to protect and conserve wetlands for the future of Mediterranean people, nature and economies” which conveys clear messages to guide decision-makers at all levels on how to activate the transformative changes that are now required to scale up wetland ecosystem conservation and restoration. The resilience of Mediterranean cities and countries depends on it.

Addressing other challenges, MBPC has just launched the report of the session co-organised by ETC UMA, MedCities, MedWaves, and other partners at the International Forum on Marine Litter & Circular Economy (MARLICE 2022) back in May. The report clearly showcases the MBPC community recommendations to address this problem, especially severe in the Mediterranean.

Last but not least, from MedCities we are pleased to share the MBPC Factsheet on Nature-Based Solutions (NbS) in Mediterranean Coastal Zones.

The MBPC will continue working during the coming months on transforming all the knowledge acquired during the project lifetime into policy recommendations to underpin the necessary transformative changes to sustain Mediterranean ecosystem and live hoods.  We encourage all readers to subscribe to the MBPC newsletter.

MedCities is a partner of the MBPC project, leading the project communication, co-leading the Working Group on Biodiversity Protection & Transboundary Challenges – especially as to marine litter and climate change – and fully engaged in transfer and capitalisation activities.  

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