Roskovec (definiteAlbanianformRoskoveci) is a town and a municipality in Fier County, south-central Albania. The municipality was formed during the 2015 local government reform by the merger of the former municipalities KumanKurjan, Roskovec and Strum, which became municipal units.

The seat of the municipality is the town of Roskovec. The total population is 21,742 (2011 census) in a total area of 118.08 km2. The population of the former municipality at the 2011 census was 4,975.

“Everyone who visits Roskovec feels at home”. This is the motto of regional tourism development, followed by local authorities. The natural resources, monuments, traditions, land products, local cuisine and hospitality combined with the infrastructure projects undertaken by the Municipality are gradually turning it into a tangible tourist attraction. Thanks to them, this city is being transformed into a permanent station as it once was along the Egnatia road. 

Commemoration of the “City Feast” or “Olive Feast” as a tradition of annual celebrations, placement of works of modern art in its squares and streets, preservation and promotion of the values of culture, development of numerous cultural, artistic and sports activities, show that under the leadership of visionary people, the quality of life in Roskovec can and has begun to change. 

Important infrastructure is elegantly built and the classic blends with the modern, which leaves an impression of good taste for anyone visiting the city. This is an indication that the people of Roskovec, who are especially distinguished for their work values, also love its beauty, life and joys. 

Among the numerous strategies for the economic empowerment of women and society, the Municipality of Roskovec has pursued and implemented the promotion of agribusiness and handicraft products, such as the support for the production of organic and artisanal soap made in Roskovec. Due to the fact that in Roskovec there are about 500,000 olive roots, which occupy an area of ​​about 30% of the territory. This has made it possible to use olive in cosmetics besides as cooking oil. The Municipality of Roskovec supported an NGO in a project “Organic Soap of Roskovec” for the production of organic soap in a small workshop in the village of Vidhisht, assisted by several international organizations. As a result, 15 women were trained by two chemists. The Roskovec Artisanal Soap range has now expanded with liquid soap and artisan shampoo as well. 

This initiative is an opportunity to utilize a good part of the unusable olive oil for consumption and enable the recycling of its waste. Meanwhile, many housewives and unemployed women have an opportunity of employment and integration in social life.

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