MedCities took part in the meeting of Catalan cooperation stakeholders in Morocco organised by the Generalitat de Catalunya’s delegation to Tunisia.

The meeting gathered in Rabat around 20 organizations that are active in different fields such as human rights, gender violence, local governance, and migration, and that are partially funded by the Catalan cooperation. Mrs. Habiba El Mouali Benomar, delegate of the Government of the Generalitat in North Africa, hosted the meeting and presented the objectives and strategic lines of action of the Delegation. Mrs. Yoya Alcoceba, Director General of the Development Cooperation Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya, presented the general framework of action of the external action department and its newly issued Plan 2023-2026. This meeting celebrated on the 5th of June, was certainly useful in generating new synergies and updating on what the different agendas and projects are addressing in the country, MedCities will be glad to continue participating in such interesting fora.

During her visit to Morocco, the MedCities project manager had the opportunity to meet with some of the responsibles in charge for the projects that are being implemented in some of the member cities.

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