After finishing the City Guide prototype for Tripoli’s City council, the consultancy NEXUS GEOGRAPHIC has provided a training program for Tripoli’s municipal IT team to understand and build upon the first version of the City Guide presented in February 2022.

The first part of the training focused on building the team’s capabilities around three issues: how to use and navigate through the ArcGIS geographic platform, how to publish data and use it to create their web maps, and how to create different web applications to display all kinds of geographic information to share it. The second block tackled dashboards and story creation using this GIS solution. Finally, the last module built capacities on field maps and applications to visualize the city council’s map, collect data, track location, and other concrete applications helpful to work with data.

During the coming weeks, Tripoli’s IT department will be supported to finalize the City Guide for citizens and to work on an app to assess the performance of the municipal civil servants. These two instruments will be published at the end of June.

This initiative receives the financial support of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona.

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