MedCities and the partners of the Urban Transports Community have launched this week the online course “Cycling your city challenge” in the frame of the Greener Living Areas programme of the MEDAcademy. If interested, you can still enroll in this course which will guide you through the multiple dimensions and factors affecting bike policies: from infrastructure to education and awareness; from safety to regulation, etc. 

The main objective is to provide skills in planning and evaluating integrated cycling policies, that is, policy packages covering all relevant dimensions of cycling mobility for a low carbon mobility scheme in our cities. For that purpose, e-lessons are focused on how to identify the different dimensions of cycling mobility, prioritize them and create an integrated cycling policy plan, including how to evaluate integrated cycling policy measures.

Up to 6 e-lessons have been created and are conducted by the cycling policies’ expert and main contributor to the course, Esther Anaya. After watching the courses, students are invited to complete an assignment by choosing a neighborhood or city to analyse, collect data on different cycling-related indicators, propose concrete measures for a stronger cyclability and assess how accessible and equitable the measures are. At the end of the course, participants will become cycling advisors!

So far 70 people have registered to the “#06_ Achieving green living areas, from buildings to cities and territories”, which encompasses different modules dealing with buildings, cities, and territories and topics such as energy efficiency, sustainability, technology, or renewable energy. 

Mr. Josep Canals, MedCities’ Secretary General welcome the participants to the online course. You can watch the introduction to the course ‘Challenge: cycling to decarbonise urban mobility’ here:

MedCities Secretary General, Josep Canals welcome participants to the online session

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