With the occasion of the final event of the Interreg MED Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community (MBPC) held at the Committee of the Regions Premises in Brussels (2-4 nov) , MedCities co-organised with the ETC of the University of Málaga a session dedicated to the transfer and uptake of ecosystem based management tools and experiences from MBPC to other territories and contexts through the ENI CBC MED project ENSERES.

Whereas MBPC has been focused mostly on Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and on the Interreg MED programme area (EU and IPA) , ENSERES seeks to test those tools inside and outside protected areas -especially on cities nearby protected areas – from the southern and eastern Mediterranean shores. Concretely, ENSERES is transferring these tools and approaches to the cities of Tyre in Lebanon and Sfax in Tunisia and nearby coastal and marine protected areas.

The session engaged MedCities Secretary General Mr. Josep Canals, and MedPAN Policy Officer as the networks representing cities and MPAs in the Mediterranean. Both institutions agreed to strengthen their cooperation and build synergies. Sfax and Tyre pilot area representatives, Mohamed Wajdi and Ali Badreddine, talked about the municipal benefits of taking part in the project in terms of building capacity to apply new tools and support civil society engagement through a subgrant scheme. Mr Wajdi put special emphasis on the pioneering importance of a city as Sfax looking into marine ecosystems and protected areas and seeking collaboration and coexistence.

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