During the last month, the city of València was the scenario for the 9th Mostra Viva del Mediterrani, in which the prizes “Pont del Mediterrani” were delivered to the associations, institutions and people committed to work for a better present and future for the Mediterranean.

The Secretary General of MedCities, Josep Canals, attended the event and received the award “Pont d’Honor” in representation of MedCities and invited by the “Fundació Assemblea de Ciutadans i Ciutadanes del Mediterrani”.

The ceremony was held at the Centre Cultural La Nau of València. If you missed it, you can watch it again here.

On the other hand, the first edition of the SocialMed Festival was also celebrated in Valencia during the days 19th to 27th of November, in which MedCities acted as a partner association and participated in the welcome ceremony with the salutation of the Secretary General of MedCities.

The SocialMed València is the first Festival of Human Rights in the Mediterranean and it is maninly focused in the audiovisual sector, related to social topics directly linked to the region of the Mediterranean.

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