Project overview




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MED4Waste (Mediterranean Dialogue for Waste Management Governance) is a Project ‎funded by the European Union, under the ENI CBC MED ‎programme The programme is managed by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia (Italy) and aims ‎to facilitate new governance models for integrated & efficient urban waste management (WM) policies across the Mediterranean, with particular emphasis on organic waste & circular economy (CE).


  1. Building on and improving existing knowledge to foster capitalisation of social innovative, integrated, and efficient practices from public, private and social sectors in waste management across the MSB, with special focus on waste prevention, circular economy practices and on the organic component.
  2. Offering guidance and training for public administrations and relevant private and social stakeholders, to apply transferring actions and exploitation measures and to support planning, adapting, and readdressing of waste management plans, policies and other management actions and normative drivers (regulations, financial plans, service contracts).
  3. Supporting dissemination of key results and increase awareness among key stakeholders, promote cross-border and cross-sectorial networking, and foster long-term commitment of decision and policymakers to promote an environmental, socio-economic, and institutional transition towards green growth in MSB.

Expected achivements

  1. Waste Management Case Studies Catalogue.
  2. Med4Waste awareness campaign.
  3. MED4Waste Capacity Building programme.
  4. Integrated Municipal Waste Management Plans.
  5. Med4Waste Capitalisation Conferences.

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