In the framework of the NATUREMED Project, Saida municipality organized an event that aimed at raising awareness of citizens regarding the benefits that nature can bring into the cities and the importance of preserving it and reducing our impact on it by reducing, for example, our waste. Getting nature into cities is becoming increasingly important since it helps mitigate some of the effects of climate change. For example, it provides shade, decreases temperature, increases protection against floods, or can help enhance air quality and reduce pollution. Another benefit of green elements is that it provides family and social engagement spaces, particularly important for children. In this sense, Saida organized their event in “Rock’n’Roll park” on the last 11th of November.

During the event, some local producers, CSO, and NGOs showed their local products made with natural or recycled elements. The kids visiting the park also performed different activities such as creating a pot from plastic bottles and planting on it or enjoying the benefits of green open spaces by practicing some yoga on it. Given the importance of periurban agriculture in Saida, participants also learned about the benefits of having and preserving such agricultural lands, and how to make agriculture more sustainable. A second workshop covered the topic of community gardens. Finally, participants could enjoy some cultural performances such as a music show by Saida’s kids, and by a solo singer.

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