In the framework of the development of the MedCities 2030 Strategic Plan, which is being implemented in accordance with the mandate entrusted to the General Secretariat by the General Assembly of MedCities in November 2019, the 13th October the Participatory Session was celebrated online with the participation of 32 cities members of MedCities.

The assembly was divided in two parts, starting with the plenary session, in which the Secretary General, Josep Canals, introduced the new President of MedCities, Mustapha El Bakkouri, and made the welcome to all the participants. The MedCities Director, Oriol Barba, presented the main points of the Strategic Plan to be discussed afterwards during the group’s session.

The participants were distributed by regions in different Zoom rooms, in which they discussed about the objectives and priority lines of the Plan and highlighted the most important topics for their communities.

Some of the ideas that came out during the discussions were related to the need of supporting local authorities looking for funding opportunities for projects on multi-level governance, multi-actors, climate change and impacts on vulnerable populations.

Additionally, some cities stressed the importance of adding the questions of decentralisation and democratic participation in the Plan.

The session also counted with the participation of Xavier Tiana, Head of International Relations at the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, who talked about the importance for MedCities of keeping the axis of project management in technical terms of capacity building.

The MedCities 2030 Strategic Plan is thought as a roadmap as a new step of the association, therefore, the participation of members is fundamental for their design and implementation.

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