MedCities and the Presidency, held by Montpellier since January, sent a campaign to all member cities trying to help the three Turkish cities touched by the earthquake last February.

The massive call to member cities was focused on sending money directly to local initiatives allowing them to directly buy much-needed supplies and swiftly provide help on the ground. Being this fact an important way for us to act.
The three Turkish cities, Izmir and Mersin and Antalya, all members of MedCities, have set up operations in devastated areas. They have offered help to those of us who would like to provide assistance in the devastated areas, including our two member cities of Hatai and Gazientep. Both cities have set up bank accounts to receive your donations. Mersin has provided help to devasted areas but has also started hosting an increasing number of displaced populations. As of now, the city has welcomed over 327 000
people and it is unclear how long they will be able to meet the needs of the earthquake
victims with their current means.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has set up a large support center in Hatay and started three
major Earthquake Emergency support campaigns
. All are accessible at the following link :
From its side, Antalya has welcomed over 150 000 victims of the earthquake and has set up a
Disaster Aid Center to collect donations and distribute them in affected areas.

The scale of the crisis is such that sending money on the ground may not be a sufficient solution by itself. Member cities may therefore be interested in doing more and perhaps in sending donations by cargo.
As usual, in this type of crisis, the donations needed on the ground at a specific moment can
quickly vary
. Please find below the latest list we have received from NGOs and our contacts in
To send these goods you can click here to have all details and information
– Blankets, plaids, and sleeping bags.
– Tents and survival equipment
– Hygiene products
– Baby food and products
– Canned goods and non-perishable food

Montpellier responses after the call: the humanitarian help on the way

Montpellier, the new President of the MedCities association, had a quick and positive reaction after the earthquake and was ready to send some help to the endamaged cities. After the aid campaign that was run through MedCities, 70 cubic meters of donated goods have been collected in Montpellier. It will leave Montpellier in a container on the 4th of April (arrival estimated on the 24th). Our local operator, the Humanitarian Platform of Herault (PHS34) has been in contact with the city of Mersin to ensure everything runs smoothly.

If your municipality wants to send some help, you have all the information needed in this document. MedCities is also at your disposal if you have any doubts.

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