Within the framework of the Action Plan phase for the implementation of Tunis City Strategy, the participatory workshops are almost coming to an end. These workshops are aiming at defining potential projects to implement the city strategy and they are focusing on different strategic themes, i.e. i) Valorisation of the central axis of Tunis; ii) Resilience and eco-responsibility of the territory; iii) Economic innovation, attractiveness, and outreach; iv) Socio-economic inclusion and integration and territorial animation and articulation; v) Integrated and sustainable urban mobility; and vi) Efficiency, transparency and accountability of the territorial governance.

The first four workshops were organized in May and June. The fifth workshop on mobility took place on 20 July and involved 9 participants. The last workshop, dealing with governance, will be held in September together with the conference aiming at establishing a follow-up mechanism for the implementation of Tunis City Strategy. With the conclusions and project sheets established during these participatory workshops, the Action Plan will be ready by the end of August.

In the following stage, A’SIMA action plan will be submitted to the City Strategy technical committee, A’SIMA Tunis Steering Committee, Tunis Administrative Committee, and the Governorate First Delegate for their revision and validation. In parallel, the project implementing team will establish contacts with potential funders in order to seek funding options to implement the projects included in the action plan.

Regarding A’SIMA Tunis component 2 on waste management, the third meeting for the inter-municipal cooperation on waste management in Greater Tunis was organized on Thursday 13 July. The session focused on communicating and raising awareness of waste management in Greater Tunis and gathered 19 participants. The workshop aims at contributing to the identification of common projects based on inter-municipal cooperation for improved waste management in Greater Tunis.

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