Within the framework of the inter-municipal cooperation on waste management activity, that belongs to A’SIMA Tunis project component 2 “Metropolitan governance of valorized waste management and inter-municipal waste management”, the last workshop of the concertation was organized on Thursday 27th of June at Tunis municipality.

This workshop focused on inter-municipal governance for integrated waste management in Greater Tunis. The workshop was chaired by the Secretary General of Tunis, Mr. Kamel Louhichi. It presented the various possible scenarios for the establishment of a structure responsible for establishing inter-municipal cooperation in the field of waste management to implement a dynamic collaboration for a successful partnership. In addition to that, the Bizerte regional agency currently being developed was presented to participants to support discussions.

This workshop is the last in a series of 4 workshops on specific themes. Previous workshops focused on the intercommunal valorization of solid waste, the collection and transport of waste, and communication and awareness-raising around waste management in Greater Tunis.

The exchanges from these workshops will feed into the action sheets of pilot operations for improved waste management in Greater Tunis, and an inter-municipal strategy for integrated waste management, currently being developed. This strategy will then be presented and debated during a specific event.

Still, in terms of waste management, feasibility studies for the multipurpose eco-center pilot project are underway. The company responsible for these studies has finalized the topographical survey and the summary preliminary project, which will soon be formally submitted to the municipality of Tunis, a key step for the implementation of the project. The pilot project foresees the construction of a recyclable waste collection point, a sorting and selective classification of the waste unit, a bulky items management unit, and a transfer center for final waste. All these elements are independent and could be implemented separately, according to the financial possibilities granted by the project and potential donors.

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