MedCities is launching a new Decentralized Cooperation project on Urban Accessibility in the cities of Tangier and Tetouan by strengthening the capacities of Mediterranean municipalities and civil socity associations for people with disabilities.

Medcities developed, last April 20th and 21st, a mission for the launching of a capacity building project on urban and universal accessibility in the cities of Tangier and Tetouan.

The steering committees’ meetings, in both cities, were developed among representatives of the municipalities, local stakeholders and MedCities. It served to ratify the programmed activities, which consists mainly on the following actions: facilitating the dynamics of the consultative spaces on accessibility, specific training for their members, implementation of pilot projects for the testing and improvement of accessibility, and development of an accessibility criteria guidelines as a basis for future municipal plans on this field.

Field visits were also developed in the study areas, which will be updated regarding the current urban diagnoses on accessibility, in order to evaluate possible scenarios where to concentrate the analyses and urban improvements.

The project was conceptualized as a support mechanism to local communities, with the aim of promoting accessibility in the territory, on the basis of strengthening the social inclusion of one of the most vulnerable and socially excluded groups: people with disabilities.

The project will help promote the integration of accessibility at the heart of urban development in the cities of Tangier and Tetouan. The involvement of MedCités and the city of Barcelona, together with Moroccan municipalities and local/national partners, will make it possible to capitalise on this territorial initiative and position the two cities as promoters with regard to universal accessibility aspects.

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