Increasing energy efficiency is a significant concern in the Mediterranean. Irbid Municipality has been working to become more energy-efficient through the GreenBuilding Project, (an ENI CBC MED project) led by BETA technological center. During the month of September, MedCities has organized, together with Irbid municipality and BETA technological center, a 2-day training to support Irbid and the other Jordanian members on this objective.

The training was taught by two experts on the topic, Dr. Maysoon Kuirasat and Eng. Anas Abdullah. Thanks to the sessions, the assistants could learn about the fundamentals of energy audit, which were the lessons learned from Irbid municipality when auditing their municipal buildings.

The participants saw firsthand which were the modifications performed in the building in concordance with the results of this audit, in order to apply it in their context where possible. Finally, participants learned how to add energy efficiency concepts in their daily working life, by adding energy efficiency concepts in green public procurement.

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