Incircle, final event: “Tools, finance, opportunities and bottlenecks towards a circular and sustainable tourism


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The Interreg-Med InCircle Project aims to enhance the sustainability and attractiveness of Mediterranean touristic insular and low-density areas through circular tourism, preserving the quality of natural resources and improving the quality of life of residents and tourists.
Eleven Mediterranean territories developed strategies aiming at their transition towards more circular tourism by applying the InCircle tools, which have helped to assess the current circularity status of each territory, establish a working framework and develop successful participatory processes to contribute to the strategy and evaluate the resulting strategies.
In addition, the project has implemented 5 big-scale and 6 small pilot actions that have brought to each territory tangible good-practices to walk towards a common objective of increasing the circularity and sustainability of touristic activities.

Date and venue
June 7th, Barcelona (Hotel Alimara)

Contents and format
Morning session:
It will be dedicated to assessing the current status of Mediterranean tourism. This session will bring in the point of view of experts and the experience of different territories on which are the challenges, bottlenecks and opportunities to increase the circularity and sustainability of the territories. Participants will learn how can InCircle tools help them to reach this objective.

Afternoon workshop:
It will consist of a highly-interactive working group session that will bring together territories (provincial, counties, city councils, regions, or others), with technicians and experts on sustainable tourism, after learning which funding opportunities for sustainable tourism projects are available, will work together in the “ProCIRCLElaboratory” to design new solutions, good practices and projects for a circular Mediterranean tourism.

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