Migration policies are at the cornerstone of Mediterranean cooperation and need to be addressed and upgraded. With this aim, the City Council of Barcelona with the IEMed gathered key stakeholders in a conversation focusing on the creation of new narratives on migration that should be more inclusive and be promoted by the public administrations.

MedCities shared its insights and experience with projects such as the TangerAccueil which aimed to replicate the hosting and information services developed by the Barcelona City Council already in the early nineties (SAIER). The meeting shed light on the need for coherent policies, multidisciplinary reflection and extreme-right counter strategies to face the numerous threads to social cohesion and human rights our cities are facing. The event aimed to facilitate the exchange of experiences at the local and media levels, identify common challenges, and explore ways to construct a narrative that reflects the complex reality of migrations and their role in contemporary societies.

Local governments are once more at the forefront of this issue. The meeting will be followed up by further peer-to-peer exchanges and field visits to different experiences, and by a report with the key conclusions that should help the city council of Barcelona refine its vision as an open, connected, and welcoming Mediterranean city.

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